The pleasure of a family sailing vacation Greek islands cruise

Sailing holidays

Experiencing family sailing vacation on a skippered catamaran in Greece is a tremendous pleasure! When sailing, you will not only enjoy the beautiful Greek islands, but also a feeling of real well-being. Accompanied by an experienced skipper, sailing is far from being a risky practice, and back home, you will realise how sailing can bond people to each other, leaving unforgettable memories.

Catamaran, ideal sailboat for a family sailing vacation

The first thing to know is that a catamaran is the perfect sailing boat for sailing holidays with family or friends. As catamarans have twin hulls, they are steadier and less pitching than monohulls. Its larger deck provides an easy access, and larger indoor areas offer you more privacy. In addition to this, sailing on a catamaran allows you to enjoy relaxing moments lying on the fore-deck nets, or sitting on cushions at the bow of the boat.

Family sailing holiday

All the good points about a Greece cruise

A greek islands hopping cruise is the guarantee of being in a good mood! Discovering new island every day, swimming in different blue-turquoise waters, diving from the boat or sleeping in a private bay, provide great satisfaction. But let’s have a look at other good points of a catamaran sailing trip.
First, physically, because, as you are constantly moving, your whole body is working hard, thus strengthening leg and back muscles.
Then, emotionally, because feeling the boat motions when waves swell under the hull and hearing the blowing of the wind in the sails will soothe your mind. This is the perfect match for absolute relaxation.

Sailing greek islands with family or friends is also enjoying of being together. Sharing such a sailing adventure truly changes your everyday life. It offers a great opportunity to know each other better, by sharing memories and jokes. This experience will strengthen family ties and bind your group.

Sailing is also a way to encourage children to discover a world of adventure. This helps them to boost their creativity and imagination by offering new opportunities. And who knows, they might work for safeguarding the oceans or become professional sailors later.

Take advantage of your skipper’s experience

Experiencing a catamaran sailing trip with a skipper like Nikos, is the guarantee of safe sailing; exchanging with him on the history of the islands, discovering awesome places, far from mass tourism. And if you wish, this may also be an opportunity to learn the basics of sailing: casting off, raising anchor, setting sails and going to sea. A family sailing vacation on our sailing boat is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experience, which will help everyone feel more relaxed, focused and united when returning home.

Family sailing holiday