How to enjoy your Greek islands hopping?

How to spend the best sailing vacations? Rent a yacht in Greece! 6 tips to help you having the best time during your Greek islands hopping cruise

Choosing to rent a yacht in Greece is tremendously exciting! The beauty of Greek islands is not a myth and many are dreaming of exploring them aboard a catamaran. Without a sailing experience you can feel happy and anxious at the same time.
Here is some advice that may help you enjoying your Greek islands hopping cruise.

1. Choosing the right luggage

Packing your things in a soft-shell easy to carry bag is essential! Although catamarans cabins are fitted with plenty of storage space, it is useless to take a big hard-shell suitcase uneasy to store in your cabin.  

2. Relaxing!

Without any sailing experience, we have every reason to wonder whether we will enjoy a sailing boat trip. The main thing is to relax staring at the horizon (it will really help you feel better, especially in rough sea). Reading, listening to music and playing cards are relaxing activities during your spare time when not diving in a bay. You should really let yourself be rocked by the waves and just enjoy your yacht trip Greece.

3. Only packing the bare minimum

We always tend to pack too many things! And eventually wearing a bathing suit all day and the same clothes for the whole week. So, take my advice: pack your bag, then take away half of it, that way you will be left with enough room for bringing souvenirs from your trip.

How to spend the best saiiing vacations? Rent a yacht in Greece! 6 tips to help you having the best time during your Greek islands hopping cruise
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic

4. Drinking plenty of water and staying in the shade

The sun always shines on the Greek islands and UV radiation is very high. When sailing, the cool breeze and sprays can be refreshing, but beware, as you may not feel sunburnt and ruin the rest of your week. Therefore, a 50-protection sunscreen is required! It is also very important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to stay in the shade.

5. Charging your cell phone at the right moment

You’d better remember to charge movie cameras and cell phones while sailing if the boat engine is running and charging batteries. You can also charge your devices at harbours when the boat is connected to a power supply, but it is more difficult to do it when anchoring in a bay for the night.

6. Being careful when having a party!

You might feel like drinking more alcohol than usual, you are on holiday after all! However, keep in mind that sailing, even for a few hours, requires physical capacity. Remember that sun + seasickness + headache, do not go together well!

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