Living on-board a catamaran during a sailing trip in Greece

Holidays are coming! Destination: Greece, for an amazing catamaran cruise! Travel differently and sail from island to island, cruise along the Greek coasts, swim in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, roam at your own pace, and enjoy the calm of a sailboat cruise … However, you might ask what your life on board and at sea will be like? Cooking on a boat, sleeping and living every day on a catamaran, so fun and not so complicated!

Live independently on a catamaran

Larger than a monohull sailboat, our catamaran can accommodate up to 8 guests, which is a perfect way to explore the Greek islands off the beaten path. A catamaran is, however, a restricted living space, governed by a few (small) constraints. Organization from the very beginning will thus, from there on out, ensure smooth sailing.

Life is independent on a sailboat, so even if you can stock up before and during the trip, it is best to pay attention to conserving resources and having good consumption habits.

For example, limited water reserves restrict the number and the kind of showers… As the sea is clean, a (very) quick shower at the end of the day will be enough! And you can always rinse off with a deck shower in between.  Your friends will thank you for the water and your consideration!

Save on electricity to focus on the essential: keep fridges cool (a must for cold drinks at cocktail hour!), use little light in the evening, and recharge only necessary batteries. No need for a hair dryer or razor: you are on vacation! This goes for electrical appliances, also! By the way, avoid standing in front of an open fridge when choosing your meal…

Sailing vacations Greece - Catamaran Emelia

Cooking and eating aboard a sailboat

Before going out on a sailboat, it is best to plan a few meals such as breakfast and some lunches and dinners, and take everything you need to cook on board. The catamaran’s kitchen is well equipped with everything necessary to make a meal as good as at home.

As space is quite limited in a cruise boat kitchen, everyone is gladly welcome to participate in their own way! Consider everyone’s interests when preparing meals and washing dishes, or take turns with a predefined rotation. These joyful moments of cooperation are what make catamaran cruises so charming.

Have breakfast on the deck, enjoy a (long!) cocktail at sunset, cook local Greek specialties discovered during market stopovers, and savor each simple recipe … You don’t need fine dining on board to appreciate a great moment and share an unforgettable holidays.

Catamaran vacations Greece - Catamaran Emelia

Sleeping in a cruise boat

Enjoy the great sea air all night long, be lulled by the waves, and admire the amazing sunsets and sunrises… Spending a night at sea is a unique experience which ensures incredible moments, especially when the cabins are as spacious, bright, airy, and accommodating as those on our Catamaran Emelia!

Sleeping well in calm seas is a breeze, but it’s not the same thing when it comes to rough seas! Do not panic: to prevent seasickness and nausea, avoid staying in your cabin, and go out on deck for fresh air while scanning the horizon. A motion sickness tablet can also be effective if you’ve got one on hand.

At night with life on board comes the need to respond to nature’s callings! Fortunately, the catamaran is equipped with electric toilets. The organic matter is evacuated into a tank with reserved water that must be kept in good condition! Check skipper’s advice:

– Do not throw conventional toilet paper in the toilet bowl.

– And gentlemen, avoid the edge of the bridge to try a “nature” experience … it is reported that the majority of drowned person at sea had the fly open!

… and enjoy your cruise in the Greek islands …

A catamaran cruise is more comfortable, relaxing, and exotic than you could ever imagine. Once everything is organized, you only need to relax and stroll on the sailboat deck, sunbath, chat with friends, swim in the sea, and enjoy stops to discover Greece’s picturesque villages, wonderful beaches, and remote locations far from tourism. With all the comfort on board, you will live on the Emelia an extraordinary and unforgettable sailing adventure!

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