The 10 Commandments of Naturism Aboard a Boat

Naturism Aboard a Boat - Family naturism
Family naturist sailing cruise in the Greek islands

What could be more enjoyable than to be lulled by the movement of a sailing boat sailing in the wind, naked in the shade of the mainsail? Boating and naturism share the same values: respect, humility and happiness. Living naked aboard a boat is a common thing, even for non-naturists. There are, however, some rules to be followed in order to live its naturism fully and respectfully.

Here are the 10 commandments of nautical naturism, to be followed for a cruise under the auspices of humour and freedom.

1. In ports, thou shalt get dressed

Yes, except if you leave from the harbour of the naturist district of Cap d’Agde, the ports are textile areas. If sailors are open-minded at sea, they can be very stubborn ashore and in ports. If the temperature is warm, a sarong, even for men will work, but nudity will be confined to the wardroom and the cabins. In the evening, with darkness, the hardcore nudists will be able to let loose the sarong, taking good care to ask the closest neighbours for permission. During the manoeuvres, the rule is simple: a swimsuit, even a small one will do the trick.

2. Cooking with an apron you shalt

A boat moves more than your home. If you are used to cooking naked ashore, on a boat, it is better to forget it. Not only tossing and rolling can make your balance precarious and the bruises more frequent, but the boiling water pot that splashes is not welcome on your soft and delicate skin. An apron is then of the most beautiful effect to cook at sea, even at anchor. No one is protected from the little wave lifted by a motorboat that passes nearby !

3. Preferably dressed, manoeuvres you shalt do

Unless you lay anchor in a deserted bay, all other manoeuvres, including tacks, can necessitate several risky movements. Sailing is not always smooth. If wearing a life jacket is recommended, a suitable garment is also appropriate. Without wanting to be an ominous bird, an accident can happen fast if one is not careful. Go and put a swimsuit on, a t-shirt and a life jacket. Better safe than sorry. The captain is the only authority on board, only he or she will tell you if it’s necessary or not to dress for the manoeuvre !

Naturism Aboard a Boat - Nude sailing
Naturist sailing cruise on board our catamaran

4. Without neighbours, naked thou shalt remain

Well, at sea or at anchor, there is a good chance that you will be alone in the world. The best outfit is then total nudity! Take advantage of these unique moments to perfect your tan without lines.

5. On a towel, naked thou shalt sit

As in any naturist space, the towel is obligatory for simple hygiene reasons. Whether it’s for meals and a casual drink, it’s true for all the times you have to sit, including on the deck or in the wardroom. Meals are one of the great moments of any cruise. Whether they take place inside in case of bad weather, if nudity is OK, a towel to sit on is mandatory.

6. Naked always thou shalt swim

What could be more satisfying than to be able to swim in the big blue without swimsuits? No garment to dry, no unpleasant impression of moisture! But what about nearby boats? The seventh commandment applies except when swimming. I’m sure you will not be the only one naked.

Sailing naked
Naturist sailing trip in the Greek islands

7. Neighbourhood thou shalt respect

Some boaters don’t enjoy naturism on board and aboard other boats. Although this may seem frustrating or annoying, you have to accept it. If a boat is a private space, its deck is open to everyone’s eyes and therefore nudity can shock and disturb. It’s to just wear a light sarong around the waist. You do not want to end up in a prison cell because somebody did not like your absence of clothing!

8. Your litter thou shalt take back

Naturism rhymes with nature. So, don’t throw anything overboard, and sort litter if the captain says so. Be careful to observe diving instructions: do not touch anything and do not pick up shells, coral or Etruscan vases. The sea is our common good. If the plastic has unfortunately polluted it and will continue in the years to come, a lot of good behaviours from boaters are necessary. Behave as an irreproachable world citizen and always leave the places visited as you found them. If you find litter, bring it on board to discard or recycle them later. This also goes for the unidentified floating objects that you will pick up if possible.

9. Sunscreen thou shalt spread

The rays of the sun and their reflection on the water combine to enhance their action. No inch of skin should be kept away, even the tip of the nose under the hat that will still be subjected to reflected rays. This also applies to the days when the sun hides behind the clouds. UV still go through the clouds and contributes to our tanning or sunburn. If catching a sunburn is painful ashore, it is even more at sea where the only place to escape its action is the cabin. When it’s nice, it’s a shame to deprive yourself of the deck and the fresh air circulating there.

10. A hat thou shalt always wear

As for sunscreen, don’t go to sea without a hat, or risk a severe insolation. You’re at sea. The absence of pollution and high UV reflection on the surface of the water strengthen the power of the sun’s rays. Even if you don’t like hats, wear one. And attach it! A gale can occur and there is little chance that the skipper will turn around to fetch a hat that has fallen into the water.

Finally, there’s an immutable rule on board any ship that we can call the eleventh commandment: To the captain, thou shalt obey! The captain is the only authority on board. To obey him or her is to guarantee the safety of all the crew and the smooth running of the cruise. So, when he or she gives an order, don’t argue! Obey! If you want to discuss it, wait until the next meal. It will always be a better time to discuss the details of any given order and to express disagreement or ask a question. A boat is a relatively small place. Consensus and efforts are necessary. It is only at this price that you will totally appreciate your moment on board.

Those are few tips to enjoy a naturist cruise, which I hope you will be useful to enjoy your moment at sea and to spend as much time as possible naked. If you never spent time naked, the boat is in a great place to start. Nothing is mandatory, just a suggestion for a relaxed and, altogether, completely normal and natural lifestyle.

Naturism Aboard a Boat - Naturist honeymoon
Naturist honeymoon in Greece

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