How to prepare for a sailing cruise?

How to prepare for a sailing cruise

You are certainly already dreaming of your future week at sea, feeling the wind in your hair, facing the horizon of the turquoise sea…
But before enjoying this sailing experience peacefully, you have to think about getting organised on board. What should you bring with you for your sailing cruise? How to plan food supply?

Packing your luggage

Firstly, it is important to choose soft rather than hard shell luggage for easier storing in your cabin.

Secondly, think about what you are going to take with you. It is better to travel light and only pack basic things. You would not want to lose your valuable jewelry.

You will probably pack your bathing suit, shorts, sunglasses, sun hat and beach towel. However, spending a holiday on the beach is pretty different from sailing on a sailboat. Therefore, you should also take a windproof jacket (K-Way type). And if you mind the sun, wear lightweight clothes that cover your arms and legs (loose trousers and long-sleeved shirts). UV radiation is very high in Greece and even more dangerous on board as the sun reflects off the water.

Overloading your toiletry case with sunscreen, shower gel and shampoo is pointless as you can buy them here.   

A first aid kit and seasickness pills are available on board. If necessary, bring your own medicines.

City shoes are forbidden and flip-flops not recommended on board. You will probably fancy being barefoot, but you can wear shoes providing they are clean and worn on board only.

While sailing, you will have some spare time for reading, listening to music, enjoying the scenery, drawing, playing cards or just relaxing. Remember to bring things not to get bored on board!

Finally, do not forget your cell phone charger and camera! The boat is equipped with 12 and 220 volt power.

Packing your luggage for your sailing cruise
Picture by Erol Ahmed

Food supply

Upon boarding, you will meet Nikos, your skipper, visit your new home and settle down in your cabin.

You are then almost ready to sail away. Yet there is still one important thing to take care of: food!

Catamaran Emelia, our sailing boat is docked at Paros harbour, in Parikia. Going shopping is easy and fast as the boat is close to a grocery with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, a bakery and a supermarket. A great opportunity for shopping before departure. There are two fridges in the galley, and spare one outside, and plenty of storage place.

Meal planning

It is customary to have breakfast and lunch on board, while dinner will be the opportunity to go and eat ashore, but it is up to you.    

What to buy:

– butter, jam, ground coffee, tea, cereals, milk, and bread for breakfast.

– food items that can be made into salads or sandwiches for lunch (oil, tuna, pasta, rice, cheese, ham and vegetables) if you do not wish to spend much time cooking. However, if you do wish to cook, you will find all necessary equipment on board.

– Snacks like crisps, cereal bars, biscuits, fresh and dry fruits, because sailing cruise makes you hungry!

– Enough bottled water (usually 1.5 l per person and per day). You will probably drink more than usual. Tap water on board can be drunk but it is not recommended.

Mini-markets are open until 11:00 PM, or later during high season. Therefore, you will be able to stock up at each harbour.

Dinner time is a good opportunity to go and eat ashore, tasting some typical island dishes. Nikos will be happy to recommend you some good local places.

Do not forget to plan your skipper’s food, and take care of him during the week. He had better bein good condition for sailing!

Ready for your sailing cruise!

You are finally ready to pack your bag and enjoy a wonderful and very special stay. All you have to do now is getting ready to discover awesome greek landscapes, crystal-clear water and bright sunshine!

How to prepare for a sailing cruise

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