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Our family from Alaska booked the Catamaran Emelia. Mom and Dad and three adventurous adult kids! [Check the video below]. We flew to Paros from Athens and started our 7 day journey there.We met the Captain Nikos Biblis in port and knew right away this was going to be fun. Our journey was to Kimoulous, Milos, various bays and Sifnos. Nikos found secluded bays for swimming and hiking as well as peaceful nights. We also had time in the villages for eating, shopping and hiking.The boat worked really well for our family with two areas to eat and play cards and each of us with our own room. The kitchen was user friendly with everything we needed! Nikos let our son drive the boat as much as he liked. We all missed our boat and Nikos after that portion of the trip was over!

Fred, Laurel, Lukas, Elliot and Mallory [ALASKA] 2018 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Video “Greece” by Mallory

Sailing holidays skippered charter greece


We went with my family (2 adults and 5 youngster from 16 to 28y) on a 2 weeks trip around the Cyclades last June and it was just memorable. I myself work with sailboats and I can tell you that Emelia was super clean, spacious, luminous, cosy, with snorkeling equipment for all of us and there were baskets so everybody could store their belongings, perfect. Even more perfect was Nikos, he made us laugh a lot and he was very attentive regarding our wishes. We felt like we had a lot of options regarding the itineraries and Nikos was going the step further to make sure we had the best bay or view. Because of his local knowledge and relationships we always had a good place in the marinas and the best table in the restaurants. He really took care of us and we are very grateful for that, he is playing a big role in this wonderful time we had. The cyclades were more beautiful than what we expected. It’s been a while but we still laugh and have great memories about that trip. THANK YOU NIKOS!!

Sarah [BELGIUM] 2018 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


The charter was absolutely excellent. Throughout, communication with me was perfect with all the information we needed to plan ahead; we when wanted to make some changes, requests were accommodated without any hesitation.
The boat was excellent – in fantastic condition and exceptionally clean. By having a permanent skipper on board, it was very clear that this charter was a step ahead of bareboat vessels. 
Captain Nikos was exceptional. He is quite one of the most professional and proud men I have ever met. He is clearly exceptionally knowledgeable about the area and hugely experienced as a captain. He was able to quickly put me and my young family at ease, and despite the unlucky windy conditions we experienced, he was able to find quiet and peaceful places for us to rest during the day. In the evenings, Nikos found out local restaurants, and even shared fish with us on board the yacht one night. It was a wonderful experience, personalised for us and a week to remember forever.  

Nick [ENGLAND] 2018 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


Hands down the best way to see Greece! We have never chartered a boat before so we didn’t know exactly what to expect. Nikos made us feel right at home on his beautiful new boat and made sure to teach us a few things along the journey! Nikos takes great care and pride in his boat and it shows as everything was pristine on board. He was entirely flexible with the sailing plan, given the weather. He showed us 8 islands in 7 nights which would be impossible via plane and ferries. We also got to spend time at Niko’s secret private beaches and cave spots which were one of the best experiences while sailing around, complete privacy!! We cannot say enough nice things about Nikos. As a person either and really thinks of him as a friend not just our captain. He even gave me one of his luggage bags for some pottery I bought while sailing so I could carry it on the plane without worry of it breaking! If we ever go back to Greece we will be sailing it with our Nikos! 

Andrew and Maddie [USA] 2018 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


Emelia is a very comfortable and beautiful boat that Niko maintains impeccably, but it was Niko himself that made our trip unbelievably fun and memorable. With just 7 days, 6 people with diverse interests, and dozens of possible options, Niko created an itinerary that made everyone happy. Niko would always give us the ultimate decision but provided logical recommendations as he knows the Cyclades like the back of his hand. Our itinerary became Paros – Ios – Folegandros – Milos – Sifnos – Antiparos-Paros, with at least one stop each day for swimming or snorkelling at one of Niko’s many secret locations. You won’t find most of these locations in any charter cruising guides or regular travel guide books. Not only do you see places you can’t get to via land but Niko takes you to the most picturesque villages. [Read the article of Ruth]

Ruth [USA] 2018 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


Nikos promises an unforgettable Greek island catamaran cruise, and he delivered etching the Aegean sea and the Western Cyclades into our hearts forever! We were four sisters and two nieces, six women, on a vacation of celebration. Within our first sail, Nikos made us feel welcomed and safe as he navigated the Aegean waters with expertise. He quickly picked up on our love of water and sought out the most spectacular beaches and coves each day. Kleftico in Milos took first prize with the breathing caves! Nikos gave us an up-close view loading us all in the dingy and portaging us through these marvels of nature. Later, a few of us couldn’t stay away, so we swam through lingering in the beauty. 
We were captivated with Emelia, the 8 person catamaran’s ability to awaken our every sense. We weren’t just seeing from afar, we were feeling the spray of the sea, moving with the roll of the waves, smelling the crisp, clean air of the sea, and listening to the uninterrupted chatter of loved ones. It was so personal, so intimate for our family, and Nikos quickly became part of our inner circle. We anchored each night and explored the treasures of each island; Paros, Sifnos, Kimolos, Milos, Antiparos, and back to Paros. The Greek people are gracious and welcoming! From the quaint historical port villages to the modern construction of the newer ones, you are sure to find a souvenir worthy of your trip. Last but not least the food was deliciously fresh and the wine was heavenly! None of us was ready for the seven-day sail to end! Riding the ferry to Athens I remember thinking, “Never again will I be this far away from the water!” Thank you, Nikos, my inner sailor was born! If you are looking for the trip of a lifetime into God’s paradise on earth, look no further than Captain Nikos Biblis on the catamaran Emelia.

Maryann [USA] 2017 [Review: Facebook]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


Hi Captain Niko,
Trust all is well.
Thank you so much for an amazing time on board catamaran Emelia and for going out of your way to accommodate us half Greek, Aussies.
Your sailing experience and the amazing time we had in some of the most incredible waters and coves around the Cyclades was definitely the highlight and will be the talking point of our holiday. The whole experience was definitely beyond our expectations. All your recommendations were spot on.
Rest assured we will recommend this to all our friends. I hope you have enjoyed your week as much as we have enjoyed ours. Stay safe and keep on sailing.”

Harry [AUSTRALIA] 2017 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


We just came back from a two weeks cruise with Nikos Biblis on his catamaran Emelia. The sailing catamaran crew was composed of two French families with children from 9 to 16 years old: Nikos’ sailing boat proved out to be very cosy and functional, allowing us to navigate up to three days in a row without having to get to an Island port to refill our freshwater tanks! We visited more than 10 Cyclades islands, including Santorini, Amorgos or Milos, and loved everything in the trip, thanks to Nikos who chose itineraries, stopovers and visits with great professionalism. A former professional aeronautic pilot myself, I particularly appreciated the feeling of safety that this experienced navigator provided, through his smooth manœuvres and as a sailing sailor. Thank you, Nikos, thanks to Greek Water Yacht and especially to Apostolos, who was very courteous and responsive, thank you all for these unforgettable holidays!!

Lulu [FRANCE] 2017 [Review: Trip Advisor]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


We were six passengers (dad, mom, our three daughters – 24, 13 and 9 years old – and the spouse of our oldest) plus our skipper Nikos Biblis. But the most incredible thing is that we came back seven: we have a new friend now.Nikos is not only an extraordinary skipper but a passionate, generous, friendly yet unobtrusive host. We very much appreciated our daily discussions with Nikos about our next destinations, and especially what he said when we asked for information on places off: “I have no opinion on that”. However, the next morning everything was prepared so that we can see the places we wanted to discover with pleasure. We saw breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear water of a turquoise blue, caves, deserted beaches, lively villages, all of which we captured on some 2000 pictures.Nikos, thanks again for this wonderful trip, we’re still talking about it with a lot of emotion. You contributed a lot to make this journey magical. What a wonderful trip to Greece…

Michel, Josée, Kim, Chloe and Sam, Maude [CANADA] 2016 [Review: Facebook]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


Emelia (the yacht) & Nikos Biblis (our skipper) were unbelievable. We had really rough weather but Nikos evaluated our group quickly & made plans that would be good for us. That’s a really tough thing to do & we were very impressed. He also had great stories about the different islands, explaining why they were populated, what was currently going on there & fun little anecdotes. Also, he’s not a bad cook! Finally his suggestions as for places to go, & his accommodations for our hopes (we made it Delos!) were always bang on, we couldn’t have asked for a better captain. The boat was also great for the rough weather as we were able to sit at the front & use the horizon to ward off seasickness. It was also a great size for the 5 of us as each gathering area, the front, the back & the inside, was just big enough to comfortably accommodate all of us at the same time (& hang out together is what you want to do). Even in rough seas everyone slept like babies in their rooms. The cooking facilities were effective & we produced some decent meals on them. Most of all, the boat was spotless & it was obvious Nikos took great care & pride in her, which gave us the feeling of being in good hands & made us want to take care of Emelia as well. The boat was pristine & yet felt like a home – again we couldn’t ask for anything better. A summary – The boat trip was the best way to experience Greece. Bouncing from island to island seeing small, whitewashed villages hugging the cliffs or popping out from behind some mountains as we entered ports was a breathtaking experience. Swimming in the coves of Milos & Poleagos was breathtaking as the cliffs loomed over us & we backstroked through holes in the rocks. Sleeping in uninhabited bays were the best night, cooking on the little stovetops, drinking far too much cheap wine & looking up at the stars seeing what the ancients saw so many years ago. It would have been nice to record the lapping of the waves, not even a goat’s blurt disturbing it, but the photos & memories will have to do. Thanks so much for helping make our dream a reality – captain, boat & country were more than we could have dreamed of.

Derek [CANADA] 2016 [Review: Poseidon charters]

Catamaran Emelia Testimonials


Spending a week on a Catamaran Emelia away from crowds and discover exceptional landscapes: that was our and our two adult daughters dream. Nikos Biblis, our skipper, with his professionalism, availability and discretion, made it all happen. This first maritime adventure even took the form of an exceptional human experience. Thank you, Nikos, simply. The boat was perfect in all respects: size, equipment, maintenance. Being able to leave Parikia without worrying about refuelling was much appreciated. Our days were punctuated by a good breakfast, a succession of coves with crystal clear turquoise waters, lunch on board and swimming/ snorkelling sessions. At night we would savour fine Greek food in the taverns Nikos advised us of. During all these meals shared with him, we learned a lot about this country of his he knows so much about. This helped forge a true friendship. We spent our nights in either a port or at anchor in a cove, hot water and electricity never being in short supply. We expressed our desire to Nikos to visit Milos. He met our expectations by tailoring the route to the ever-present wind and waves. These did not really bother us, except that we could not always lay on the trampoline to enjoy the view and sunbathe. Everyone was encouraged to steer the catamaran and learn some basic navigation! In six days, we discovered Folegandros, Milos, Sifnos, Kimolos and Polyaigos. Our eyes are still full of memories: the strikingly beautiful cliffs, postcard waters and even dolphins. Thanks to Nikos’ generosity, we already know that we shall be back for more!

Nathalie, Pascal, Melissa and Emilie [FRANCE] 2015


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