Why charter a yacht with skipper in the Greek islands?

yacht charter with skipper greece

Greek islands are known for beauty and authenticity. Cyclades and Small Cyclades archipelagos are no exception, yet you have to know what to visit!

Here are six good reasons to discover the Greek Islands aboard a sailboat with an experienced skipper.

1 – With an experienced skipper you don’t need sailing experience

We often think, quite wrongly, the Mediterranean Sea a smooth sea, but in the Greek islands, winds can sometimes take you aback. Sailing on a skippered sailboat also means benefiting from the captain’s experience and knowledge of the Aegean Sea and weather conditions. So that onboard Emelia catamaran, you will sail safely, thanks to Niko’s helpful advice.

2 – Beaches for you only

Sailing in the Greek Islands also means swimming on beaches only accessible by sea. Instead of visiting well known touristy places, if you want, you will enjoy exploring coves and beaches, feeling like you are the only one in the world. And believe it, there is something very special about having your own beach.

yacht charter with skipper greece

3 – Exploring freely

When sailing, you will feel disconnected from your daily activities. Just let yourself go, carried away by the wind and waves. Before leaving, you will choose your destination. Then, your landing will depend on weather condition and ports of call where you wish to stop during your Greek islands sailing cruise. Unlike guided group tours, you don’t have to follow other people. Just sail, go for a swim, visit new places and relax!

4 – Visiting greek islands off the beaten path

Greek islands hopping is part of the discovery. But there is nothing worse than having to queue for hours before boarding the ferry to reach your next destination. Being with other tourists is certainly not the best memory that you wish to keep from your holiday. By choosing a private sailing boat cruise, just for yourself and your friends or family, you will travel the way you like.

yacht charter with skipper greece

5 – Affordable luxury sailing yacht rental

Being on a boat is like living in a mobile home with a panoramic view of the sea. On a one-week sailing trip, you will spend about 4 hours a day sailing, with swimming and relaxing breaks in one beautiful bay after another. And when night draws near, it will be time to find a berth. There, you will enjoy be able to spend your evening in town. Harbours are usually the liveliest places. You are free to do what you like without worrying about how getting back to your hotel. You can also spend the night anchored in an empty bay, with nobody but you and the stars. Sharing the cost of the boat rental with other people is less expensive than booking a five-star hotel by the sea. And you will have precious memories.

6 – Saving on food and transportation

For one week, the boat will be your home as well as a means of transportation. This way you will not spend half of your budget on fares (taxi, car or scooter rental, or boarding ferries to get to another island). On a well-equipped boat, you can also cook delicious dishes. Food is cheap in Greece but there is nothing better than buying fresh fish, early in the morning, directly from local fisherman and then, cooking it on board.