About us

Catamaran Emelia Sailing vacations skippered yacht

We are…

Nikos and Elise, a Franco-Greek couple, living between Paros and Athens.
We own our catamaran, and we have decided to offer private a sailing boat cruise in the Cyclades islands.

Since he was a child, sailing has always been a passion for Nikos. He is experienced, having worked for many years for companies specialised in charter business for passengers from very different backgrounds. He has had the opportunity to sail the Aegean Sea many times, and knows it like the back of his hand.
When he finally decided to buy his own sailing boat, his idea was to offer the best possible sailing holidays, accessible for everyone, including beginners.

While Nikos is at the helm, I, Elise, am in charge of the web site, answer all your questions and help you plan your stay. I will also welcome you at your arrival in Paros, just before boarding.
As a French woman in love with Greece, I visited many Greek islands before settling down on Paros, and leaving Lyon, my home town. When I met Nikos, I soon realised that I wanted to help and support him in his cruise project around the Greek islands.  

Why did we choose a sailing boat cruise from Paros?

Paros has a central location with easy access, offering a wide choice of destinations to visit the Cyclades. The short distances between each island from the archipelago allow us to offer pleasant Greece sailboat trips, with an average of about 4 hours’s sailing a day. Just what you need to enjoy your holiday on a boat. Without mentioning the special beauty of the Cyclades islands, with their typical architecture made of white cubic houses with blue shutters. The assets of these islands are the awesome bays, beaches, and peaceful coves. Fortunately, these places are not all known to the crowds and remain only accessible by boat. It is a real opportunity for organising private and authentic cruises.

Why did we choose to sail on a catamaran?

The advantages of catamarans are that they are wider and less pitching than monohulls. This kind of sailboats have larger decks and indoor areas, as well as fore-deck nets on which to relax while sailing, which means more privacy as well. Even if Nikos is very discreet, guests will have more privacy and will fully enjoy their private yacht charter. A catamaran has many advantages which allow you to enjoy a pleasant sailing holiday.

Why renting a full boat?

In order to offer our customers the best possible holiday, we had to make a choice. Either offering cabin-cruise rentals with the risk of being with people who do not get along with each other, or privatising the full catamaran on a weekly basis.
We opted for the second choice, and we let our guests choose their own crew of family or friends. There are also many couples who wish to spend an unforgettable honeymoon on a human scale boat with full privacy.

Would you like to know the rates of this private yacht charter with skipper?

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